Mornington Standard (Frankston) Saturday 5 October 1912 (page 3)


The Peninsula will this season have two cricket associations in operation. This came about through the non-admittance of the Frankston club to the Peninsula Association. Somerville club, on whose initiative Frankston asked to be allowed to join the Association, withdrew, as they considered they were in a position that they could have to throw in their lot with Frankston. Another association will now be formed, the competing clubs being Somerville, Two Bays, Mornington and Frankston, while the other one will consist of the Naval Base, Hastings and Tyabb. It was perhaps unfortunate that the existing Association could not see their way clear to admit the Frankston club, but perhaps the distance to be travelled was too great, and no doubt both Associations will have a successful season.

Mornington Standard (Frankston) Saturday 12 October 1912 (Page 3)



A meeting of delegates was held at Somerville on Saturday evening last, Frankston, Somerville, Mornington and Two Bays being represented. Present; Messrs Keast, Croft, Harley, Bros., Donald, Peterson, Cavell and Parsons.

Mr Keast, on being voted to the chair, explained the objects of the meeting, and referred to the action of the Peninsula Association in refusing to admit Frankston, and mentioned that as his club (Somerville) had taken the initiative in inviting Frankston to re-join the Peninsula Association this season, they felt bound in honour to withdraw from the association. As this feeling was largely shared by Mornington and Two Bays, and suggestions had been thrown out that a new association be formed, he had convened that meeting with the object of discussing the matter.

After considerable discussion it was decided, on the motion of Messrs Parsons and Peterson, that A new association be formed amongst the clubs represented, to be known as the Mornington District Association.

The chairman moved, and Mr Peterson seconded, that Mr Hugh Robertson, of Frankston, be elected the first president of the new association. Proposed by Mr Croft and seconded by Mr Harley, that Cr. Chas Murray, Messrs Harrison and Cook be elected vice-presidents.

Proposed by Mr Parsons and seconded by Mr Donald, that Mr Bates and the Crs of Mornington and Frankston and Hastings Shires be elected patrons.

Proposed by Mr Cavell and seconded by Mr Peterson, that Mr George Keast be appointed secretary. Moved by Mr Harley, seconded by Mr Parsons, that the rules of the old association be adopted.

Moved by Mr Donald, seconded by Mr Harley, that a trophy to the value of £10 10s be purchased for competition, and that the trophy, shall be won twice in succession or three times in all before it becomes the property of any club. That the winners or premiers for any season, shall be the holders and custodians of the trophy for that year.

On the motion of Messrs Croft and Cavell; it was decided that the opening matches of the season be played on 26th October.

On the suggestion of the chairman, a motion was carried that the secretary be instructed to write to Tyabb, Hastings, and The Base clubs, cordially inviting them to join the new association.

Proposed by Mr Parsons, and seconded by Mr Peterson, that Next delegates' meeting be held at Somerville on Saturday, 19th October, thus giving ample time to get a response to the invitations sent out, and enables them to proceed with the draw, fixtures, &c.

With a vote of thanks to the chair the meeting adjourned.


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